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Camera Detectors

Camera Detectors

Camera Detectors are now a requirement if you want to travel, particularly if you have a family to protect. It’s all too common now with places like AirBNB and other share accommodation, where people feel unsafe. In fact, it’s quite common to see instances of hidden cameras via the media.

Whilst most people purchase hidden cameras or spy cameras for home security, some don’t. It’s these nefarious activities that detection equipment can help you overcome.

For under $100 you can have a key chain detection so you can quickly check out the area you will be in.

Using Camera Detectors

Detectors are split into two basic categories. RF detection which looks for a signal from a wireless or WIFI camera and lens detection.

Lens detectors are great and simple to use, just look through the lens and activate the lights, you will soon see the sparkle of any covert camera. RF detectors are a little harder, but also detect listening devices and GPS, so a lot of people prefer them.

The best solution is to have one of each, or a unit that handles both. Remember, although the professional units are better, a cheap unit is better than no protection at all.

Bug Detectors

OzSpy Spy Shop

OzSpy, the original Spy Shop founded in 1998 with quality spy camera detectors to suit every need. If you are worried about your privacy, purchase a camera detector today.

Camera detectors have now becoming more important with all the stories of illegal recording. If you travel, a simple lens reflecting detector is a great investment. Check out our other bug detection options Bug Detectors, Non Linear Junction Detectors, or Spectrum Analysers.