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Faraday Bags

Faraday Bags

A famous scientist Michael Faraday invented the first Faraday cage. Now we use Faraday bags to protect our privacy and stay safe from hackers.

Faraday bags have specially designed metallic thread which blocks radio signals from entering the bag. Just like wrapping your mobile in tinfoil or placing it in a metal box which also blocks all RF signals.

By blocking the RF your device becomes safe from government tracking, and other people using your device as either a listening device or tracker.

Extremely simple to use, just place the item you are worried about in the bag. Once closed, you are safe from tracking with 100% privacy.

When we evaluated these bags, we were amazed at how they completely stopped the phone from being accessed by the network.

What is a Faraday Bag

Faraday bags which are sometimes referred to as signal-blocking pouches are lined with layers of metallic material. This blocks signals from reaching the outside world or from the outside reaching your device. They are small, affordable accessories that block electromagnetic fields. Faraday bags and pouches provide military-grade protection to everyday people.

What Does a Faraday Bag Do?

They block all radio signals ranging from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to RFID and even EMR/EMI. By blocking these signals your device is safe from hacking, tracking, and spying. You can also keep your passport and credit cards safe from being copied by criminals as you walk around.

Why Use a Faraday Bag?

Most Smartphones don’t have a removable battery, and the GSM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, are operated by  software. So you really have no way of knowing if your device is sending and receiving data.

During our own tests, particularly with iPhones, we found most still transmit data even on flight mode.

A prominent NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden explained (during his interview with Joe Rogan) that electronic devices aren’t really turned off until you remove the battery, which is no longer removable in most cases.

How Do Faraday Bags Work

By using a conductive material, they are able to block 100% of radio signals. This renders any phone safe from tracking, and any passport or credit safe from being copied.

What are Faraday Bags Made From

Copper and Silver are the main components that make the bags so effective. The inner pocket is usually woven from either one, or a mix of the two materials. When looking at a Faraday bag, you will see the outside lining is normal material, and the inside lining is a metallic cloth.

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