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GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers

With our range of GPS Trackers and you can see what is happening any time, any where.

Our GPS trackers include free GPS tracking software for your computer so you can easily track your vehicles online. And a FREE mobile app so you can access them via your mobile device as well.

Personal GPS tracker

Ideal for for small vehicles and other assets like motorbikes and caravans. It is rechargeable for portability. You also get a free mounting kit for hard wiring into a permanent installation. With built in microphone, you can also listen in to what’s happening around it.

OBDII GPS tracker

The OBD GPS Trackers are suitable for most modern cars and trucks as they simply plug into the OBD port under the dash and away you go. They are perfect for fleets as they can be changed from vehicle to vehicle in a few minutes. These trackers really don’t require installation as they simply plug in to the OBD port.

Covert Magnetic GPS Tracker

Ideal for fast tracking applications where you just need to clip on a tracker. Like shipping containers, motorbikes, vehicles and any other metal objects.

Hard Wired GPS Trackers

If you are looking for a more permanent tracker, then these are ideal for permanent wiring into your vehicle. These units are often installed into company cars, fleets, motorbikes, boats (away from the salt and water).

All of our trackers use the same website and come with a free app, and control via text message. We have simple instruction on our support website, and they all come with a manual.

OzSpy Spy Shop

OzSpy is Australia’s first spy store established in 1998, and with decades of experience, we are the surveillance equipment professionals. If you are looking for quality surveillance equipment, OzSpy is here to help.