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Professional Multi Stage RF Detector


Protect your privacy and security with the Professional Multi Stage Detector. This intelligent RF signal detector and spy camera detector offers unique 2 stages sensitivity adjustment, ensuring signal detection in any environment.

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Professional Multi Stage RF Detector

Introducing the Professional Multi Stage RF Detector, the ultimate tool for intelligent RF signal detection and spy camera detection. With its unique 2 stages sensitivity adjustment, this device can locate signal sources even in noisy environments, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Experience unparalleled ease of use with the Professional Multi Stage RF Detector. Simply turn it on, and it immediately begins scanning without the need for complicated settings or configurations.

This versatile RF signal detector can detect a wide range of wireless devices operating between 50 MHz to 6.0 GHz. From GSM phones and 3G/4G/5G smartphones to WiFi networks, hidden microphones, analog and digital cameras, IP cameras, GPS trackers, and even remote-controlled bugs and spy cameras, this device leaves no stone unturned in safeguarding your privacy and security.

Say goodbye to weak signal limitations. The Professional Multi Stage RF Detector can detect 3G 2100 signals up to 7 meters away in its first stage, while its second stage can detect and approach a powerful 2-watt booster in just 2 feet. No matter the environment, this device captures both weak and strong signals with precision.

Discover peace of mind and stay one step ahead with the Professional Multi Stage RF Detector. Take control of your surroundings and protect yourself from unwanted surveillance and potential threats.

Key Features: Professional Multi Stage RF Detector

  • Unique 2 stages sensitivity adjustment finds the signal source even in a place full of noise.
  • Reliable default benchmark
  • Power-on self-test
  • 8-led signal strength indication
  • Smart indication of all status
  • Two kinds of warning mode
  • Strong signal warning(hi signal)
  • Auto indication of signal type
  • Battery & charging status
  • Expert 3g 2100 detection
  • Sensitivity level down-minus button
  • Discover gsm / 3g / 4g bug & spy camera
  • Standby / idle phone registration detection
  • Semi directional antennas
  • Support power bank for long time use
  • Lens finder – wired camera detection
  • Versatile & wide frequency range

Specifications: Professional Multi Stage Bug Detector

Detecting range  50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz
 Dimension  L 11.6 x W 7 x T 3.3 cm (not include antenna)
 Weight  About 160g (not include battery)
 Power  1. 5V DC switching power adaptor

2. AAA / UM-4 NiMH battery or dry battery x 4

 Warning mode  1. LED indication           2. Beep alarm sound

3. Hi Signal 4. Vibration

5. Earphone silent detection

 Detecting Distance  Wireless bug (2mW)  up to 20 feet
 2.4GHz WiFi  up to 30 feet
 100mW 2.4GHz Wireless camera  up to 20 feet
 10mW 5.8GHz Wireless  camera  up to  3 feet
 GSM cell phone  up to 14 feet
 Smart phone  up to 14 feet
 3G 2100 cell network  up to 25 feet
5G phone (3300~3700MHz)
up to 13 feet

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 cm
Detection Distance

up to 30 feet


GPS Trackers, Listening Devices, Mobile Phones, WIFI Cameras



Powered By

AAA / UM-4 dry battery or NiMH battery, DC 5V

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