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Spy Cameras

Spy Cameras

Spy Cameras  (spy cams) are widely used for covert surveillance and for general security.

If you have a situation where you feel someone is entering your room without permission. Why not place a wifi spy camera in there and the next time they enter. You get notified.

Most of these cameras that are listed as wifi will have motion detection with push, remote view, and sound and video recording. If you are looking for a camera without remote and is undetectable with normal bug detection equipment, select a non wifi camera.

If you need help, try our Spy Camera Buyers Guide

Most of our cameras have the manual on the web page so you can see how it works prior to purchasing.

We pride ourselves on our range, with custom made models  to make sure they are much harder to detect.

See our range of mini spy cameras above, and these pages.

Ease of Use

All of our spy cams are relatively easy to use. All of our wifi units support remote view. Each model comes with a manual, or click help on the top of this screen to visit our support site.

OzSpy Spy Shop

OzSpy, the original Spy Store founded in 1998 with quality spy cams to suit every need. From watching your loved ones in the nursing home (aged care facility), to keeping an eye on your office or home when you are not there. If OzSpy doesn’t have a spy camera to suit your needs, we will build you one.