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Nanny Cameras

Nanny Cameras

Ever worried about the kids when you aren’t home, maybe Nanny Cameras can help. Nowadays you can never be too sure about baby sitters and nannies. As a parent you are entitled to see what is going on.

What are Nanny Cameras?

They are a hidden camera designed to fit into your home without raising suspicion. This helps parents either watch live from the restaurant or reply footage from a device when they get home. Make no mistake, things can get bad with baby sitters and nannies, which is why covert cameras are so popular

Nanny cameras can be in all sorts of cases, like clocks, radios, chargers, books etc., or you can purchase one of our custom built hidden cameras exclusive to OzSpy.

What features do you need in a Nanny camera?

Whilst most people prefer nanny cameras with wifi so you can view remotely, sometimes you just can’t access wifi. This isn’t a problem as virtually all nanny cameras that use wifi will work without, you just can’t log in remotely and watch it live. So if you want a nanny cam you can remotely access, make sure to select a wifi model.

Virtually all of our nanny cameras have motion detection and are full HD recording.

If you are after one that you can use permanently, virtually all our battery operated models can run full time from the charger.

How to choose a nanny cam

When selecting a nanny cam, make sure you check the specs so you get the right one. When you need to access it remotely, select a wifi nanny cam. If you don’t have wifi, any should be ok. When you don’t have power where you want to place the nanny cam, make sure you select one with a long battery life.

If you are worried about them being found, check out our custom built hidden cameras, only available at OzSpy the original spy store.

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OzSpy Spy Shop

OzSpy, the original Spy Store founded in 1998 with quality covert cameras to suit every need. From watching your loved ones in the nursing home (aged care facility), to keeping an eye on your office or home when you are not there. If OzSpy doesn’t have a nanny camera to suit your needs, we will build you one.