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RF Tracer Bug Detector & Wireless Camera Detector


What a fantastic bug detector and wireless camera detector, if you are even semi serious about detecting bugs,listening devices or wireless cameras then this unit is for you.

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Quality RF Bug Detector and Wireless Camera Detector

If you want to get serious about a bug detector you should consider the RF Tracer. The RF tracer is great for locating bugs known as listening devices in your home, office or vehicle. It is fantastic for detecting RF frequencies transmitted from RF bugs and listening devices. If you are worried about listening devices wireless cameras you will be more than happy with the performance of the RF Tracer bug detector.

The RF tracer bug detector and wireless camera detector is supplied as a complete, ready to use unit with internal NiCd pack AC wall charger and antenna. These bug detectors will pick up the faintest transmission from all listening devices, bugs and RF transmitters. The RF Tracer can operate for up to 8 hours from a single charge, allowing you plenty of time to locate bugging equipment, you can adjust the sensitivity up or down which will allow weak bugs to be located so any listening device whether it has a strong or weak signal can easily be located.


 RF Tracer and Wireless Camera Detector Features

  • Built in Speaker to Output Alert Tones
  • Vibration motor and earphone jack for silent detection of Listening Devices
  • Alarm click beep and bar graph to indicate signal strength
  • Frequency range is 1MHz to 6GHz
  • Compact size so you can take it anywhere


Who Would Use The RF Tracer and Wireless Camera Detector

  • Business Men worried about listening devices
  • Home owners wanting to detect possible hidden wireless cameras
  • People who travel wanting to detect cameras hidden in their motel rooms
  • Technology students wanting to detect RF signals
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