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Listening Devices

Listening Devices

Looking for Listening Devices, need to monitor an area. Check out our range of easy-to-use devices to get you out of trouble.

Whether you need a voice recorder to record quotes or other conversations. Or maybe you need a bugging device to experiment with audio transmitters, or even listen out for your baby. One of our hand picked, easy to use voice recorders or bugging devices will do the job.

Types of Listening Devices

We sell several types of listening/bugging devices, like wall microphones for listening through walls, and transmitters to hear from different locations.

Wall microphones are popular in the building and pest industry to hear what is happening inside walls.

We also sell a great range of voice recorders so check them out if you are looking for a quality voice recorder.

Voice Detection/Voice Activated Recording

Some models of Listening Devices support voice activated recording. This means the unit will only activate when there is sound, saving you heaps of storage space.

Wall Microphones

Wall mics are an amazing product. During our tests we were able to listen through 15cm of concrete and hear people talking on the other side.

FM/VHF Listening Devices

Any FM based unit will also work on a VHF scanner or radio. Whichever radio you use, keep in mind that you will need an older style with a dial. This is because the transmitter is analogue so it can be on any frequency, where as a digital receiver skips several channels each adjustment. This could leave your transmitter between digital channels, significantly reducing performance.

Remote Access/Listening

If you are looking for a product that has remote view, look for the Listening Devices that have built in WIFI. That way you can connect the required app to view from anywhere in the world. Please note all surveillance devices with WIFI require 2.4Ghz WIFI. 2.4Ghz is the most common, so if you have difficulties connecting, please check your WIFI is 2.4GHz.

Push Notifications

Some Listening Devices support push notifications. Push notifications are when the device detects sound it will notify you via the app. It is important to note that some phones and Telcos don’t handle push notifications well. This means push notifications are not always 100% dependable.

OzSpy Spy Shop

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