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Multi RF Detector with Noise Generator


Discover ultimate privacy and security with the Multi RF Detector with Noise Generator. This advanced device detects wireless RF signals, including bugs and spy cameras, while offering an audio receiver and noise interference capabilities.

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Multi RF Detector with Noise Generator

Introducing the extraordinary Multi RF Detector with Noise Generator, a cutting-edge all-round wireless signal detection device designed to protect your privacy and security. With its wide-ranging capabilities, this advanced invention detects wireless RF signals from 50 MHz to 6.0 GHz, including RF bugs, wireless cameras, WiFi networks, and GSM/3G/4G/5G (3300~3700MHz) mobile phones.

Experience the power of the audio receiver feature, allowing you to hear conversations from FM wireless RF bugs (hidden microphones). The device displays the detected audio through its built-in speaker or optional earphones. With a detecting range spanning multiple frequencies: 89 – 90 MHz / 139 – 140 MHz / 399 – 402 MHz / 433 – 435 MHz.

The sensitivity of the audio receiver is impressively high, detecting 2 mW FM wireless RF bugs at approximately 70 feet (20 meters) with a sensitivity of about -60 dBm at 400 MHz.

Take advantage of the noise generator functionality (85dB audio jammer), providing suppression to interfere with various forms of voice recording. This ensures the protection of your important conversations and prevents unauthorized access through wireless and wired microphones, tape recorders, digital recorders, and mobile phones.

Discover the presence of GSM/3G/4G/5G (3300~3700MHz) signals, bugs, and spy cameras effortlessly, providing you with comprehensive coverage and security.

Unlike other audio receivers, this device goes the extra mile by allowing you to find bugs even in silent places. By utilizing the sensitivity tuner, you can gradually lower the sensitivity and precisely approach the signal source, ensuring a thorough bug detection process.

The Multi RF Detector with Noise Generator empowers you to take control of your privacy and security. Experience the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive wireless signal detection and interference capabilities. Protect your important conversations and confidential information with this exceptional device.

Key Features: Multi RF Detector with Noise Generator

  • Audio Receiver of FM Wireless RF Bug
  • Anti recording – 85 dB Noise Generator
  • Identify WiFi Hidden Camera Activity
  • ˜Lens Finder for Wireless & Wired Camera
  • ˜3G 2100 – Expert Detection Ability

Specifications: Bug Detector with Noise Generator

Detecting range 50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz
Detecting range of Analog Hidden microphone (bug)
1.   89 –  90 MHz
2.  139 – 140 MHz
3.  399 – 402 MHz
4.  433 – 435 MHz
Dimensions L 11.6 x W 7 x T 4.3 cm (not include antenna)
Weight About 175g (not include battery)
Power 1. 5V DC switching power adaptor

2. AAA / UM-4 NiMH battery or dry battery x 4

Warning mode 1. LED indication             2. Beep alarm sound

3. Audio receiver            4. Vibration

5. Earphone silent detection

Sensitivity tuner 1.   Adjust detecting distance to find signal source

2.   Eliminate the environment interference

Noise generator Volume 85 dB (at 15 cm, half feet) Maximum
Detecting distance Wireless FM bug (2mW) up to 7 meters (beep)
up to 20 meters (acoustic)
10mW 2.4GHz Wireless Camera up to 5.4 meters
10mW 5.8GHz Wireless Camera up to 1.2 meters
GSM Cell phone up to 4 meters
Smartphone up to 4 meters
3G 2100 cell network up to 7.5 meters
5G (3300~3700MHz) Cellphone up to 3 meters

Download Manual Here

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 5 cm
Detection Distance

up to 20 meters


GPS Trackers, Listening Devices, Mobile Phones, Voice Recorders, WIFI Cameras



Powered By

AAA / UM-4 dry battery or NiMH battery, DC 5V

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