Custom Built Hidden Cameras

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Custom Built Hidden Cameras

Custom Built Hidden Cameras are widely used by home owners as a home security product, particularly for renters that can’t run cables. They are also used by businesses to identify theft from staff and clients.

One of the main issues now is that people can search and see what hidden cameras look like. If you are serious about your hidden camera investment, custom built hidden cameras may be the go.

We purchase normal common items, like power outlets (GPOs), smoke detectors, fake plants, candle holders and more and make custom built hidden cameras with them, so nobody will know they are a camera.

We also have a service that you can bring in a household item and we will fit a camera into it, making it much harder to be found.

See our range of hidden cameras above, and Mini Spy Cameras, Hidden Cameras, Pro Covert Cameras, & Wearable Body Cameras

Ease of Use

All of our covert cameras are relatively easy to use, and the wifi units all support remote view. Each model comes with a manual, or click help on the top of this screen to visit our support site.

Every custom camera has a manual on the purchase page so you can check it out before you buy. All of our equipment comes standard with a 12 months warranty, that you can rely on.

OzSpy Spy Shop

OzSpy, the original Spy Shop founded in 1998 with quality hidden cameras to suit every need. From watching your loved ones in the nursing home (aged care facility), to keeping an eye on your office or home when you are not there. If OzSpy doesn’t have a hidden camera to suit your needs, we will build you one.

Custom built cameras are often a good choice when you need it to blend in with real products. We buy real products, remove the insides and replace with a spy camera module. See our range of Custom Built Hidden Cameras, and Mini Spy Cameras, Hidden Cameras, Pro Covert Cameras, & Wearable Body Cameras