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0-12Ghz Wideband Detector with Memory

Take control of your privacy and maintain peace of mind with the 0-12GHz Wideband Detector with Memory.

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0-12GHz Wideband Detector with Memory

Introducing the 0-12GHz Wideband Detector with Memory, a revolutionary portable device. It actively detects and analyzes radio frequency (RF) signals across an expansive frequency range of 0 to 12 GHz. This advanced detector seamlessly combines wideband coverage with memory storage. It makes an indispensable tool for professionals who seek comprehensive RF analysis in a compact form factor.

The 0-12GHz Wideband Detector with Memory excels in sensitivity, particularly at higher frequencies, delivering heightened detection capabilities to combat the emerging threat from the latest super high-frequency devices. Its intelligent frequency-counter design empowers users to display most digital frequencies and analog signals up to an unprecedented 6 GHz.

The detector’s new ‘Livescan’ software simultaneously displays the frequency of the detected signal, presenting the live signal pattern graphically to facilitate the identification of signal types. This feature proves especially valuable when seeking pulsing or burst devices like GPS trackers.

With a 1000 Event Memory Log, the 0-12GHz Wideband Detector with Memory captures comprehensive data on all detected signals, including short Burst transmissions. It records the frequency, event time, duration, and signal strength, conveniently presented in an easy-to-read list format for seamless reviewing. Additionally, the detector offers a Graph-Log Mode, which records and plots up to 8 minutes of live detected signal and frequency data on a graph, allowing for simultaneous event visualization.

Designed and manufactured in the UK with the utmost precision, the 0-12GHz Wideband Detector with Memory resides within a customized machined aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure. The device comes with an integral Lithium-polymer battery pack and an international charger, offering convenience for worldwide usage. The complete system arrives in a heavy-duty military standard carry case, providing the ultimate safeguard and effortless portability.

In Summary

Experience the power of comprehensive RF analysis with the 0-12GHz Wideband Detector with Memory. Stay ahead of the evolving wireless landscape by actively detecting and analyzing RF signals in the 0-12 GHz range. Invest in this advanced device, designed to meet the highest standards, and equip yourself with the ultimate tool for RF analysis and signal detection.

Key Features: 0-12Ghz Wideband Detector with Memory

  • Ultra wide frequency response – Now up to 12 GHz with improved top end performance
  • Frequency Counter 0-6 GHz for analogue and digital signals
  • ‘Livescan’ feature shows live detected signal trace
  • 1000 Event Memory Log with Time & Date records all detected Burst signals & frequencies
  • Live Graph Mode plots detected signals / frequencies over time
  • 2.5 inch Colour TFT display
  • Ultra-sensitive – even at very high frequencies
  • Two antennas – High Gain Directional antenna and Hinged Omnidirectional antenna
  • Signal Strength ‘Beep’ and Silent Vibrate Mode
  • Machined Aluminium Enclosure for maximum durability
  • Supplied in Heavy Duty Military Standard carry case

Specifications: Wideband Digital Pocket RF Detector

Typical Performance Characteristics – at 20 degrees

Antenna Connector: SMA Socket – 50 Ohm
Input Frequency Range: 1MHz – 12000MHz (12 GHz)
Sensitivity: 100MHz  -49 dBm / 200MHz  -48 dBm / 500MHz  -47 dBm / 1GHz  -44 dBm / 2GHz  -50 dBm / 5GHz  -42 dBm / 10GHz  -30 dBm /12 GHz  -28 dBm
Demodulation Sens. for 50mW Audio: -30dBm (measured at 500MHz 50% AM 1kHz)
Audio Frequency Response: 400Hz – 5kHz +/-2dB
Display: TFT Colour 2.5’ High Contrast Graphic Display
Battery Internal: Internal 3.7V 1500 mAH Li-Ion rechargeable / Operating Duration – fully charged battery 8 hours / Charge Time – up to 4 hours
Operating Temperature Range: -15 – +50 degrees C – Relative Humidity < 90%
Dimensions: 146 mm x 80 mm x 24 mm
Weight: Main Unit – 250g – Complete System in Carry Case – 1.3kg
Signal Processing and Control: RISC Based Microcontroller
Memory: 1000 Event Log – Time & Date – non-volatile memory 8-minute live graph of signal data and frequency
Made in England

Supplied Accessories: 0-12GHz Pocket Bug Detector with Memory

– Adjustable hinged Antenna
– Directional High Gain Antenna
– 5V DC Charger – 110V to 240V AC input (Auto Switching) with International Adaptors
– Earphones
– Military Standard Compact Carry Case


Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 14.6 × 8 × 2.4 cm

GPS Trackers, Listening Devices, Mobile Phones, WIFI Cameras



Run Time

8 hours

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