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Listening Devices

Sometimes you just have to know...

Listening devices are known as many things including bugs, bugging device, covert audio devices, but the fact of the matter is the majority of people use listening devices for very ordinary purposes.

You can use a listening device or recording device to record a lecture at university, you can use a listening device to hear what your baby is up to in the next room, in fact you can use a listening device or audio recording device for hundreds of purposes.

At OzSpy we carry a range of listening devices and audio recording devices for almost any purpose and if our name doesn’t say it all, then consider a rock solid 12 months new for old warranty and lifetime free support when deciding where to buy your next audio device.

You should also check out our range of spy cameras as many of those work as a listening device also.

Check out these listening devices

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  1. Forus Professional Digital Voice Recorder 4gb

    1 Review(s)
    Quality digital voice recorder. Easy to use and suitable for so many applications. Small enough to keep out of sight and with a powerful mic to pickup voices anywhere in the room. Learn More

  2. Voice Keeper Mobile Phone Voice Scrambling Encryption System

    Talk freely and in privacy with the advanced encryption protocols voice keeper puts in your hands. Learn More

    Regular Price: $849.95

    Special Price: $739.95

    You save: $110.00


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