Wall Microphone with Amplifier Listen Through Walls


Wall microphones are widely used for everything from listening through walls to motor mechanics and even by termite inspectors to name a few.

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Wall Microphone With Amplifier

It’s amazing what you can hear when you place your ear to a wall. Solid objects conduct sound quite well . Audio captured by walls, floors, windows to name a few is amplified, however using the Wall Contact Mic will amplify the sounds by at least 100 times making it very easy to hear through just about any type of solid object .

This unit has a built-in amplifier earphones and wall mic. It is a very sensitive device. This wall microphone device was designed for situations where access is limited or impossible. This is a high gain oscillating receiver which uses a special contact device. The contact can be placed against doors made of glass, concrete, or metal, up to 30cm thick. We have used it successfully through solid brick walls. The oscillator can then be connected to a recorder to record all conversations. The user can also listen to the conversations live, while recording. It measures approx. 100mm X 50mm and is powered by a standard 9 volt battery.

Uses For The Wall Microphone With Amplifier

We sell these devices to many different professionals including pest controllers, engineers, mechanics, and people who deal with pressured pipes, not to mention those who just love gadgets!

Specs For The Wall Microphone With Amplifier

  • 55mm x 21mm x 70mm
  • 110g (with battery
  • 9v DC
  • Battery Life 60hrs

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