Double Adaptor Covert VHF Bug Listening Device


A discreet bug hidden in a double adapter these units never require batteries and are very covert.

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Double Adaptor VHF Bug Listening Device

Looking for a bug that never needs it Batteries changes something that looks like it belongs in a house or office. Our Double Adaptor fully functional High powered VHF audio bugging device is your answer. This  bug will transmit over 100 meters in open areas. Its highly sensitive microphone picks up the slightest whisper from within its surrounding area. This listening device can easily be planted in a room by simply plugging it into the mains supply socket. It will then immediately begin to transmit clear audio to its receiver. Plug this unit into a wall socket and you will be able to hear audio sounds up to 15 metres away. And better still, it will never need batteries as the unit is powered by the socket it’s plugged into!

Uses For The Double Adaptor VHF Bug Listening Device

  • Great baby monitor
  • Home security device, etc…
  • Ideal for surveillance, communications, anti-theft
  • And much much more

How To Operate The Double Adaptor VHF Bug Listening Device

Operation of the Double Adaptor VHF Bug is simple and fast. Simply plug the bug into a power outlet. You can even plug appliances into it as the Double Adaptor VHF bug is also a Double Adaptor. Remember to turn the power on at the power outlet. Use an FM radio with the dial as this will give you the best performance when tuning the radio to the bugs frequency. Start at the lower range of the FM band and slowly adjust the dial till you hear a squelch then silence and your set ready to go.

OzSpy has this range built to our requirements and as opposed to cheap imitations this range has a unique secondary circuit to combat drift and enhance performance.

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