VHF FM Phone Line Listening Device Transmitter


This VHF line transmitter is a clearance item so bag yourself a bargain.

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Warning! This unit is not Austel approved. Connection of this unit to telecommunications equipment in your area may be illegal.

VHF Audio Line Transmitter

A VHF transmitter that clips to a phone line. This unit is very small and probably illegal to connect to public lines in your area. These units are very easy to install and operate. As you can see, the size is amazing these are high quality units. Please check your local restrictions.

This phone transmitter requires no batteries, as the device is line powered and once connected to the line it will continue to transmit crystal clear telephone conversations up to a distance of 100 mt away indefinitely and requires no maintenance at all. Connection to the telephone system is very simple and conversations can be received on FM radios or scanners. It is easily tunable and will work on all telephone systems worldwide (excluding PABX etc).

People often refer to them as bugs or listening devices, or phone taps. No matter what they’re called, they are effective, high tech, discreet, and easy to use.

This product should not be used for illegal purposes, including invading others privacy. Please use this device in a responsible manner.


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