Cell Hunter Mobile Phone and Wireless Camera Detector


What an Awesome all Round product. Use this in situations where mobile phones should not be in use. Also Great for bugs and wireless cameras.

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Cell Hunter Mobile Phone and Wireless Camera Detector

The CELL HUNTER has been developed specifically for wireless camera and mobile phone signal detection. It has a sensitivity tuner for 2G, 3G and 4G cell phone and wireless camera radio waves for adjusting the sensitivity and the detection distance. It can also detect wireless cameras within a range of 50 MHz – 6.0 GHz. It has separate LED indicators for 2G/Camera & 3G to show which type of is detected. When the unit detects radio waves, the network indicator (LED) will blink red.

Bugging equipment and listening devices come in all shapes and sizes, the Cell hunter will also detect bugs and listening devices if they are using the same frequencies as mobile phones and certain wireless cameras so it is a fantastic tool for you to own and use to protect your safety and privacy. With the Cell Hunter you can also detect sms and mms messaging.

Cell Hunter Mobile Phone and Wireless Camera Detector Uses

The Cell Hunter offers bug detection, wireless camera detection, mobile phone detection  in theaters, restaurants, trains, buses, library, governement facilities, financial institutions , jails, home, work, schools just to name a few . Don’t  let yourself or your family members fall victim to bugs, wireless cameras listening devices or any other form of bugging equipment order yours now.

Cell Hunter Mobile Phone And Wireless Camera Detector Details

  • Wireless camera detection
  • Mobile phone signal detection
  • Listening devices signal detection
  • Visible and audible alarm
  • Silent detection via earphone

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