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Wakerley & Brisbane Crime

Security systems are becoming more and more important in Wakerley a suburb of Brisbane.
Did you know that there were over 95,088 crimes committed in the 2021-2022 year in Brisbane and 169 were committed in the small Wakerley area alone. That’s almost 2,000 crimes per week in the Brisbane area and 3 per week in Wakerley alone.
This is why Security systems have become a standard accessory for homes and businesses in Wakerley and around Brisbane. And with the right combination of security cameras, an alarm system and intercom, you can take back control of your security and feel safe again.
If you are considering a security system, talk to us, we have been helping Wakerley residents improve their security since 1998. In fact, our group has helped well over 60,000 homes and businesses with security systems. We will be here when you need us, we are locals.
Security Cameras CCTV, Alarms, Intercoms – Wakerley Brisbane
Wakerley Brisbane
CCTV Security Camera Security System Installation

Security Cameras

With the ever present crime in Wakerley a suburb of Brisbane and vast improvements with security camera technology it makes good sense to have a security system installed.

Whether you are on a budget and after a after a single security camera for the front of your home, a full system or a commercial CCTV system, OzSpy has you covered.

Security camera systems are more than just a security device, you can keep an eye on your home, expected deliveries and even your beloved pets.

OzSpy offers a full range of Hikvision, Dahua, Samsung, and Bosch security cameras ideal for any home of business CCTV security system.


Security Alarm System

Alarm Systems

In the past alarm systems were simply to make noise and alert your neighbours, however new technology alarms can now notify you via an app and tell you which room the intruder is in.

Alarms also have other great features like indoor screamers that are so loud it is impossible to remain indoors, perimeter beams, and advanced zones.

An alarm system is a great partner for security cameras as the cameras handle outside, but if someone gets into your home, the alarm will make it impossible to stay and alert you.

We specialise in home and business Bosch and Paradox alarm installations that are both well known as the most reliable alarms available.

Security Intercom Access Control

Intercoms & Access Control

Door bells, intercoms and access control are becoming more popular in Wakerley and in Brisbane, and with the ability to unlock your gates remotely it is little wonder.

Many people choose cheap battery operated doorbells due to budget constraints, but if your budget allows, a wired system is a far superior option.

Doorbells give you the security of answering people at your front door while you are away, so would be criminals can’t tell if you are not home or not.

You can also open the gate for deliveries protecting your new purchase. Ask about our  intercoms, alarms and cameras on the one app.

Home Security & Commercial CCTV Installations Wakerley - Brisbane

Home Security Camera Installations

Home Security

Wakerly residents know Home security cameras, intercoms and alarms are vital now to keep your family and home safe.

Before you resort to a budget DIY system from a hardware store, give us a call and see how much a quality installed security system is. You may be surprised.

Delivering the best security systems in Wakerly since 1998.

Commercial Security

Commercial security CCTV and access control systems can be very complex, which is why you need someone with the experience.

For over 23 years OzSpy has been helping companies in Wakerley and Brisbane with advanced security systems, access control and intrusion technology.

Commercial Security Camera CCTV Installations
OzSpy has recently installed a security system for my elderly mother to be able to maintain her independence in her home. Charlie was very understanding of what we wanted and gave us a really good deal. He gave a really great service and I would recommend his local business which is a big plus. Thank you.
Carleen W
Thanks to the team at OzSpy! Charlie went above and beyond to provide our family with a fantastic quality CCTV system. Nothing was too much trouble with all our requirments being met. Highly recommend their services.
Toby P

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OzSpy has helped over 60,000 people feel safer since we opened back in the 1990s. All that time we have been busy installing great value home security camera  systems, alarm systems and intercoms in Wakerley and across Brisbane. We are locals and pride ourselves on doing a great job and helping our clients feel safer. OzSpy also gives you a rock solid 3 year warranty. This is why OzSpy is well known as the best option for quality home security and commercial security systems.

We have also helped literally tens of thousands of businesses and companies reduce theft and improve profits, from small bakeries, to super large corporations and even city councils street cameras.

If you need a great value, great quality security system with top level support from a long standing company, with an exceptional warranty. Contact OzSpy today!


If you need help with your security in Wakerley, give us a call today – 07 3348 8320

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✔ Home Security Installations – Cameras, Alarms, Intercoms

✔ Smart Security Installations – Analytics, Face & Vehicle

✔ Commercial Installations – No job too big or too small

✔ Easy Mobile App – Watch from anywhere with your mobile

✔ Fast Installation – Normally within 7-14 days

✔ All the Big Brands – Bosch, HikVision, Dahua, VIP, Paradox

✔ 3 year Product Warranty – So you Don’t Have to Worry

✔ Fair Price Guarantee – You will Never Pay More with OzSpy

✔ Established 1998 – We are a local business to Wakerley


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Specialising in installing home security camerasCommercial CCTV systems and industrial installations. Including CCTV (security cameras), alarm systemsintercoms, and access control in Wakerley and across Brisbane.

If you have problems with theft or dishonesty around your home or business, issues with neighbouring properties or other matters that need reliable, usable evidence, or you simply want to feel safer, we can help.

For fast and honest home security and commercial security, contact OzSpy Tingalpa today.