Bug Detectors

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Showing all 17 results

Are you looking for a bug detector or camera detector? Worried about a hidden GPS tracker in your car, or a hidden camera in your home?

Most bug detectors are relatively easy to use and are designed to pick up radio frequency (RF) devices. These can be bugs, hidden cameras, normal wifi, Bluetooth, wireless phones etc. This is why it important to understand the information the bug detector is providing you. For camera detection, the easiest way is to do a lens scan where any lens is picked up as a sparkle.

In the past it was mainly listening devices that people purchased bug detection for. Now with so many WIFI and 3/4G cameras on the market, hidden cameras are the new top concern, as well as covert GPS trackers on their vehicles. OzSpy has the greatest range of Bug Detectors, Camera Detectors, non linear junction detectors, spectrum analysers, and GPS Tracker Detectors.

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