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8K 4G Trail Cam 15M IR 2 Inch Screen


Capture stunning wildlife shots with our 8K 4G Trail Camera. High-resolution imaging, instant 4G transmission. Perfect for nature enthusiasts!

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8K 4G Trail Cam 15M IR 2 Inch Screen

Experience the ultimate in trail cameras with the CIHTC8014G 8K 4G Trail Camera. This versatile device is perfect for a range of applications, from hunting and animal observation to farm and orchard monitoring, house security, and even forest fire prevention. With its advanced Motion Detection mode, you can capture photos and videos of all moving objects in stunning 8K HD quality, complete with voice videos and 60MP photos.

The CIHTC8014G Trail Camera boasts a wide-angle 120-degree lens, allowing you to capture more of the great outdoors in every shot. Whether you’re monitoring wildlife or securing your property, you won’t miss a thing with this camera’s rapid 0.2-0.5 second trigger speed. Fast-moving targets are no match for this high-performance trail camera.

But what sets the CIHTC8014G Trail Camera apart is its invisible infrared flash, also known as black flash. This innovative feature allows you to capture photos and videos without alerting or disturbing the wildlife you’re observing. It’s the perfect tool for capturing those elusive, camera-shy animals.

Invest in the CIHTC8014G 8K 4G Trail Camera and experience the difference in quality and performance. Capture the world around you in breath-taking detail, and never miss a moment with this ultimate trail camera. Order yours today!



  • 2″ In-Built Screen
  • 8K Video Resolution
  • 60MP Photo Resolution
  • 120° View Angle
  • 15M IR Night Vision
  • 15 – 20M PIR Detection
  • Package Includes: nylon strap, USB cable, manual and card reader.



App Name(s)

TrailCam Go (IOS and Android)

Image Size


Detection Distance

15-20M, 110 degrees

Night Vision

15M IR

Lens Angle

120 degrees

Waterproof Rating


Powered By

8 x AA Batteries (Not Included)


Up to 128GB SD

Warranty Period

12 Months Standard Warranty