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Follow from the Front Spy Glasses


These Spy Glasses have a clever mirror coating on the inside that allows you to see what’s behind you. You will love this cool spy gadget.

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Follow from the Front Spy Glasses

If you ever feel like you’re being followed, simply slip these Spy Glasses on to see what’s coming from behind. Spy gadgets have come a long way in the past and these Spy Glasses are no exception.

Stylish and great for walking and biking. No need to crane your neck to see if a car is coming or anyone is following you. The Spy Glasses work like your won personal rear view mirror.

Spy Glasses Features

  • The Spy Glasses look like any normal pair of sunglasses
  • Makes a great novelty gift
  • UV protection
  • Comes with protective case so you can take your spy glasses anywhere
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