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4K Water Bottle Camera


The Real Water Bottle Camera has wifi for remote view and simple to use on the spot recording making it a great surveillance camera.

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4K Water Bottle Camera

The real water bottle hidden camera is an ideal camera for when you are on the go. It has WIFI so you can leave it for remote view, or carry it with you for on the go recording.

The bottle is functional and can contain water making it great for surveillance, or just to record the world around you.

Water Bottle Camera Features

4K resolution
Motion detection
Push notifications on motion
Remote view
WIFI enabled
2 way talk (limited)
Wide angle lens
Can run permanently powered

4K Resolution

With 4K recording resolution you will be surprised just how clear the footage is. Simply plug the Water Bottle Camera into your computer via the included USB and transfer the video files to your computer for easy playback. If you have trouble playing back the recording try downloading VLC Player and use that.

Motion Detection

This Water Bottle Camera has several modes, one of which is Motion Detection. Setting this up will allow the Camera to only record when things are moving. While this is not great when the unit is being moved, but when the Camera is sitting on a bench recording the room, motion detection will save you storage.

Push Notifications

The Water Bottle Camera supports push notifications. Push notifications are when the unit detects movement it will notify you via the app. It is important to note that some phones and Telcos don’t handle push notifications well. This means push notifications are not always 100% reliable.

Remote View

If you are looking for a product that has remote view, the Water Bottle Camera has built in WIFI and you can connect the required app to view from anywhere in the world. Please note all Spy Cameras with WIFI require a 2.4Ghz modem. 2.4Ghz is the most common, so if you have difficulties connecting, please check your WIFI is 2.4.


The Water Bottle Camera has built in audio, so as you record video, you also record the audio with it. It is important to remember that most Spy Cameras with audio don’t perform as well as a Voice Recorder. If super clear audio is needed, we recommend a voice recorder to go with it.

Two-Way Talk

The Water Bottle Camera has two-way talk built in. This means you can not only listen remotely, but talk back. It is important to remember that most Spy Cameras with two-way talk are limited by the size of the unit. Spy Cameras and Hidden Cameras are primarily cameras, and most other features can be limited in performance.

Wide Angle Lens

The Water Bottle Camera has a wide angle lens of 90 degrees. Most Spy Cameras and Hidden Cameras have a lens width of between 60 degrees and 110 degrees. When selecting a product, keep in mid that once you reach around 90 degrees, your image will show a little curvature which is normal

Power Requirements

The Water Bottle Camera uses USB 5v to power it. This means you can use standard phone chargers, your PC or even a USB Power Bank. Please note that phone fast chargers are 9v so these can damage standard USB devices. This unit can also run permanently powered


Our standard warranty for Spy Cameras and Hidden Cameras is 12 months from date of purchase. Please check the information tab to see what the exact warranty period is for this device.

Please check tabs for further information and detailed specifications as well as the downloadable manual.

Water Bottle Camera Specs (see tab for full specs)

Pixel 1200 Mega CMOS
Photo Resolution 4K
Video Resolution 4K/FHD
Video Format AVI
Frame Number 25
Visual Angle 90 degree
Motion Detection Camera Shooting Straight line 6 meters
Minimal Illumination 1LUX
Battery Capacity 700mah
Video Duration About 2.5-3 hours
Compressed Format H.264
Recording Range 5
Consumption 240MA/3.7V
Storage Temperature -20-80 degree centigrade
Operating Temperature -10-60 degree centigrade
Operation Humidity 15-85%RH
Memory Card Type SD card
Maximum capacity of memory card 128GB
Player Software VLCPlayer/SMPlayer
Computer Operating System Windows/Mac OS X
Mobile Phone Operating System Android/iOS
Web browser IE7 and above,chrome,firefox safari.etc


Download Manual Here



Weight 0.24 kg
Dimensions 25 × 7.5 × 7.5 cm

Up to 128GB

Warranty Period

12 Months Standard Warranty

App Name(s)



Two Way, Yes

Audio Distance

6 meters


Android, iPhone, Windows XP/ Vista or Above / Win 7/8/10/11, Mac os

Frame Rate



Indoor Only

Lens Angle

90 degrees

Night Vision


Powered By

Do Not Use Fast Chargers as it will damage item, Operates While Charging, USB Phone Charger, USB Power Bank, USB PC

Recharge Time


Record Modes

Motion Detection

Initial Charge

6 hours

Remote View




Run Time


Video Format