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Mini Bluetooth Speaker WIFI Camera 1080P


The Mini Bluetooth Speaker WIFI Camera 1080P is a small Bluetooth speaker in a retro style with a built-in hidden camera with 2MP resolution.

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Mini Bluetooth Speaker WIFI Camera 1080P

The Mini Bluetooth Speaker WIFI Camera 1080P embodies a classic wireless Bluetooth speaker hosting a hidden 4K mini camera. This speaker not only delivers high-quality music but also provides discreet surveillance capabilities. It boasts a 90° camera angle and instantly sends push notifications to your smartphone upon detecting motion. With this device, you can monitor your apartment from anywhere, ensuring peace of mind. Its compact dimensions and unobtrusive design seamlessly integrate into any interior.

The concealed camera records video in 2mp and upscales it to an exceptional 4K through the app. It features night vision capabilities, covering distances of up to 8 meters. You have the flexibility to save recorded footage onto a microSD card with a maximum capacity of 128GB. With the added advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity, you can effortlessly monitor live video feeds from the camera on your smartphone from anywhere.

Key Features: Mini Bluetooth Speaker WIFI Camera 1080P

  • Video recording in 2mp / the app upscales it to 4K
  • Angle of engagement 90°
  • Motion detection up to a distance of 6 meters
  • IR illuminator for night vision up to a distance of approx. 5-8 meters
  • Support microSD memory card up to 128GB
  • Duration of up to 10 hours from a fully charged built-in battery (when used together with a speaker, the duration is reduced)

Specifications: Mini Bluetooth Speaker Camera 1080P

Special function Image detection of motion, For long-term operation from el. networks, Motion alert, Object camouflage, Video + Audio, Scheduled recording, Time stamp, Stealth appearance
Night vision type IR 840nm (visible)
Communication method Recording to own memory, WiFi for local connection, WiFi for Internet connection
Resolution 4K (8MP) through the app
Battery life up to 10 hours
Powered method Battery (built-in or embedded)
Recording method Memory card
Image motion detection Yes
Application Camama
Maximum memory card capacity 128GB
Angle of engagement 90°
Night vision Range up to 8 meters
Shooting 30 fps
Capacity / Memory card support 128GB
Power supply 5V/2A
Weight 180g
Dimensions 12 x 8,2 x 6 cm

User Manual: Mini Bluetooth Speaker WIFI Camera 1080P

Download Here

Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8.2 × 6 cm


Detection Distance

Up to 6 meters


Indoor Only

Image Size



Up to 128GB

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