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60M Wireless Solar Dual Beams for Tuya DIY Alarm Kits


Experience the freedom of wireless installation, the efficiency of solar power, and the reliability of dual beam technology with 60M Wireless Solar Dual Beams for Tuya DIY Alarm Kits.

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60M Wireless Solar Dual Beams for Tuya DIY Alarm Kits

Introducing the 60M Wireless Solar Dual Beams for Tuya DIY Alarm Kits with an impressive range of 60 meters. This state-of-the-art security device offers advanced technology and unparalleled convenience, ensuring the utmost protection for your property and loved ones.

With the Wireless Dual Beams, you can enjoy the benefits of a wire-free and hassle-free installation. Gone are the days of complex wiring and time-consuming setups. This innovative sensor operates wirelessly, saving you valuable time and effort. Simply mount the sensor at your desired location, and it’s ready.

Harnessing the power of solar energy, this sensor operates efficiently without needing external power sources or batteries. The built-in solar panel absorbs sunlight during the day, storing energy to power the sensor throughout the night. This eco-friendly design saves you money on electricity bills and ensures uninterrupted operation, even in low-light conditions.

The sensor has dual beam technology, providing enhanced accuracy and reliability. The two parallel beams create a secure invisible barrier that detects any intrusion or movement within its 60-meter range. Rest easy knowing that your property is under constant surveillance, with timely and accurate alerts to potential threats.

The Wireless Dual Beams Sensor is designed for all-weather performance. Its rugged construction and IP65-rated weather resistance guarantees reliable operation, even in harsh environmental conditions. Whether it’s rain, snow, or extreme temperatures, this sensor stands up to the elements, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance and peace of mind.

Upgrade security measures with the 60M Wireless Solar Dual Beam for Tuya DIY Alarm Kits. Experience the freedom of wireless installation, solar power efficiency, and dual beams technology’s reliability. Invest in protecting your property and loved ones with this cutting-edge security device.

Key Features: 60M Wireless Solar Beams for Tuya DIY Alarm Kits

  • Alarm indicator: built-in buzzer, alarm with “beep” sound;
  • Non-spherical secondary aggregation precision optical lens;
  • Fine-tuning of sophisticated electronic stepper, LCD display easy to focus;
  • The interdiction of the adjacent two beams at the same time;
  • AGC loop automatically adjusts the sensitivity, anti-false alarm;
  • Automatic adjustment of glare filtration system, anti-glare interference;
  • Using ultrasonic Structure to effectively prevent condensation or frost;
  • The unique design of the ring, waterproof, dust-proof.

Specifications: 60M Wireless Sensor for Tuya DIY Alarm Kits

Model   5SW 10SW 30SW 60SW 100SW
Alert distance(Ouldoar) 60m
No. Of beams 2 beams
Detection mode 2 beams blocked simultaneously
Optical source Infrared digital pulse beam
Response speed 50msec
Alarm output Wireless RF alarm signal
Power supply 3.6V solar power charged lithium battery
Power consumption <0.2mA
RF frequency 433MHz/315MHZ ASK
RF transmission UP t0 500m in the open space
Operation temperature& humidity “-25°C-55°C 5%-95% R H(relative  humidity)”
Dimensions Refer to its diagram
Optical axis adjustment(H,V) 180°H(+90°), 20°V(±10°)
Protection against dew, frost Calefaction housing(optional)
Material PC Resin
Net weight 950g(transmitter + receiver)

Packaging List: 60M Wireless Dual Beams for Tuya DIY Alarm Kits

Transmitter x1
Receiver x1
Screws x1
User manual x1

User Manual: 60M Wireless Sensor for Tuya DIY Alarm Kits

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Weight 0.95 kg
Detection Distance

60 meters



Powered By

3.6V DC

Warranty Period

36 Months Standard Warranty

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