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Premium Copper Braid Coax 100m Roll RG59 with Power


A roll of premium CCTV coax for all analogues security camera installations.

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Copper Braid Coax 100m Roll RG59 with Power

Our Australian standards RG59 Siamese CCTV security camera cable allows you to run both the video and power to security cameras using a single cable run.  RG-59 cable comes in 100 meter spools and is available in black.  RG59 is cut by you or your installer to the exact length that you need for each security camera run.

The RG59 portion of the cable is COAX and is used to run the video to the security camera.  The 18 gauge pair is used to run the AC or DC power to your cameras. Reliable and easy to work with these cables are available now at your nearest OzSpy store or order online to have it delivered to you!


Copper Braid Coax 100m Roll RG59 with Power

  • Runs both video and power in one cable
  • Video run in RG59 Coax cable
  • Power run through 18 guage pair
  • Cable can be cut to exact length
  • Works with twist-on, crimp-on, and compression BNC connectors
  • Heavily shielded to minimize interference

Purchase online now or contact your local Ozspy Store.

Weight 25.1000 kg
Warranty Period

4 Years Standard Warranty