GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers can be a great tool to know where your assets are. Easy to use and monitored for free by text, app, and website

GPS Trackers

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GPS Trackers

Looking for GPS trackers that are easy to use and have local support, free GPS tracking software on your computer, FREE app, then we can help. Our simple GPS Tracker range covers all the four GPS Trackers you need.

Personal GPS tracker suitable for small vehicles and other assets. It is rechargeable and also comes with a vehicle mount kit. This tracker can be concealed and has an audio option.

OBDII GPS tracker, suitable for most modern cars and trucks. They simply plug into the OBD port under the dash.. They are perfect for fleets, they can be changed from vehicle to vehicle in a few minutes.

Covert Magnetic GPS Tracker, ideal for fast tracking applications where you just need to clip on a tracker, like shipping containers, motorbikes, vehicles and any other metal object.

Hard Wired GPS Trackers are ideal for permanent wiring into company cars, fleets, motorbikes, boats (away from the salt and water), and any other tracking application.

All of our trackers use the same website and come with an app, website, and control via text message. We have simple instruction on our support website, and they come with a manual.