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OzSpy Cameras vs Hikvision vs Uniview vs Swann

    See our comparisons below with some of Australia’s top brands and see why OzSpy is delivering some of the best quality CCTV systems in Australia.

    Did you know Hikvision, HiLook, HiWatch, Dahua and all the OEM offshoots are on the NDAA banned list for national defense, and cyber security issues. OzSpy cameras are NDAA compliant so you do not need to worry that our brand will be banned in Australia.

    Real World Security Camera Comparison – OzSpy vs Hikvision vs Swann

    Recently one of our team had an attempted break in and was lucky enough to have recently upgraded the cameras to our new 4K range. We were also lucky enough to have some of the residents in the same suburb share footage with us directly from their security systems. This gave us a great comparison of some of the key brands in a real burglary situation. These cameras were not placed there for the photo, they were all installed by professionals and loved by the home owners. All owners said they had a 4k system, although we didn’t get to inspect all of the systems ourselves.

    Click on the image for full size.

    Lab Security Camera Comparisons – OzSpy vs Hikvision vs Uniview

    Below are OzSpy cameras on the left, and the comparison model of Hikvision/Uniview on the right. In both day and night OzSpy cameras are clear and true to colour. This is because we get our cameras made using SONY IMX sensors which are arguably the best money can buy. Rarely other companies do this and use cheaper sensors for their range except for specialist night vision model which are double the price.

    OzSpy vs Hikvision

    OzSpy vs Uniview