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How to sweep for bugging devices

How to sweep for bugging devices

Bug Sweeping Have you ever wondered if you are being bugged or listened to when you are in a private place, and how to sweep for bugs with a detector or what to look out for with your naked eye? Firstly, it is important that most of the time there is no bug as very…

How to find IP cameras on your home or business network

How to find IP cameras on your home or business network

Introduction Here we will go over a couple of simple steps to search your network for IP cameras. This is useful when you are adding your own, or checking if someone else has added one. There have been times where we scan for cameras we have just added, and found cameras the clients didn’t know…

Bug Detector Buyers Guide

Bug Detection Buyers Guide Buying a bug detector may not be a sign of paranoia or an unwarranted worry. There are many ways other people can bug your room and tap into your private life. The head of a screw attached to a wooden cabinet can covertly record your every move and word. Covert listening…

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