Warning many CCTV suppliers are selling counterfeit or grey market security cameras, DVRs and NVRs both in Australia and to Australia from abroad.

Over the last few years we have seen a massive increase in counterfeit security cameras and recorders in Australia, in fact we are often called to replace new systems that were installed by companies not using genuine products and the client has blown thousands of dollars on junk.

Firstly to understand, there are several layers in this issue:

Counterfeit black market products – These are as stated actual counterfeit, the casing looks almost exactly the same. We sat a Hikvision genuine and counterfeit and until we plugged them in it was impossible to tell them apart. Once we saw the picture quality and software it was painfully obvious.

Grey market products – These are used, recycled or not designed for Australian conditions like temperature, power, safety standards and video signal requirements. Again until you plug it in side by side you wouldn’t know.

The two main brands that we see a lot of are Hikvision and Dahua, both are leading brands and both are massively counterfeited.


Here you can download the Hikvision statement

Here is an excerpt:
We warn potential customers against purchasing these “black market” or “grey market” products from unauthorized distributors. Unauthorized distributors are selling counterfeit, used, modified or damaged products. Many of the products sold by unauthorized distributors have been altered in various ways, meaning that they are unsuitable for Australian conditions and may be non-compliant with Australian Standards. Also, because these products are no longer in original factory condition, Hikvision warranty is void, per company policy.


Dahua’s statement is here and they list some of the dodgy sites selling them

Here is an excerpt:
the products brought from the unauthorized channels may be counterfeit and shoddy products. Dahua is unable to guarantee to provide the warranty services and technical support for the products brought from the unauthorized channels. Please purchase from the authorized channels.


We too can purchase counterfeit cameras at 60% less than genuine and they look the same. Just like a Bali Lois Vuitton hand bag, the real one lasts a lifetime, the Bali copy lasts a few months. At OzSpy we understand you need your system to keep on working (longer than a few months to a year) so we simply won’t sell inferior products just to be the cheapest.


If you get a quote on Hikvision, Dahua or many other brands and it seems cheaper than the rest, you should ask yourself, “Can these possibly be genuine”, and we think you will already know the answer.

Caveat Emptor – A neo-Latin phrase meaning “let the buyer beware.” It is a principle of contract law in many jurisdictions that places the onus on the buyer. So don’t risk getting ripped off and supporting the counterfeit industry, be aware and make sure who you buy your cameras from has been around for decades, has a good name and is not offering you a deal that sounds too good to be true.