Lornet 836 Premium Non Linear Junction Detector


Lornet 836 Non Linear Junction Detector

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The world’s only nonlinear detector operating simultaneously on two frequency ranges: 800 MHz and 3600 MHz


The low-frequency range (800 MHz) — the work in absorbing medium with high humidity

High frequency range (3600 MHz) — spatial selection of semiconductor elements location

Compact device, the weight is 1kg

Reliable detection of the sim-card at a distance of 80 centimetres

On open terrain – efficient discovering algorithm: fast detection of suspicious semiconductor elements (800MHz) with theirs further spatial selection (3600MHz)

Analysis of the nature of semiconductor – for efficient identification of artificial and natural semiconductors a listening through a built in speakerphone or headphones can be used after am decoding of the signal in continuous mode

Antijamming – Lornet is equipped with an automatic system of protection against centred jamming by criterion of a minimum noise in the receiver path of the 2nd harmonic

Control – user friendly interface and unified push-button control. It does not require pre-setting before the start

Indication – vivid and explicit indication of power levels of the signal and the received harmonic-waves

Environmental compliance – electromagnetic radiation towards the operator is many times less than one set by the regulator

Power control – availability of the automatic and manual control modes for the levels of the 2nd or 3rd harmonic of probing signal power increases the convenience of search works

Headphones – the use of wireless headphones makes the work with the device more comfortable



  • R-T unit with a control knob
  • 2 removable (LI-ION) rechargeable batteries (3.6V)
  • Battery charging container
  • Battery charging adaptor (220V)
  • Wireless headset and receiver
  • AC adapter for the receiving device (220V)
  • Transportation bag
  • Documentation (user manual, certificate)

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Weight 12.1000 kg
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