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With rising crime, home security and business security has never been so important. See our full range of premium DIY security camera kits that will protect your home and business so you can enjoy the peace of mind that security systems provide. DIY Alarms DIY Security Cameras Guide Installed Home Security Systems

DIY Security Cameras

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Showing all 19 results

DIY Security Cameras

At OzSpy we have been selling DIY Security Camera kits since 1998 and have been distributors (in the past) for the leading brands like Swann DIY Security etc. In fact, we were the first bricks and mortar company in Australia to push DIY CCTV right back then.

In that time we have learnt a lot, particularly around the risk of not getting the evidence when needed. Let’s be frank, why bother buying a DIY security camera system if it simply doesn’t work when you need it.

We name our diy camera systems based on the camera resolution, the real resolution, not upscaled like all the cheap hardware shop versions. You see most of the kits online are labelled based on the recorder output, so when you see 4K it refers to the recorder HDMI output, not the camera resolution, and the ones that do talk about camera resolutions are upscaled from a substandard resolution.

Our kits are designed to run 24/7 365 days per year, not to turn off when people are not there. We also stay away from the temperature detection models that are well publicised for becoming inaccurate at around 36 degrees.

If you want a DIY system, please choose a commercial kit and not something from a stereo or hardware store.

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OzSpy Spy Shop

OzSpy, the original Spy Shop founded in 1998 with quality diy security cameras to suit every need, and if we don’t have the perfect kit, we will make you one.