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Trade and Wholesale

OzSpy has changed the way we offer Trade and Wholesale items.

To apply for Trade or Wholesale please ensure you have joined our website here prior to faxing us.


The following people are entitled to a trade discount of 10%

  • Law enforcement
  • Emergency services (Ambulance, Fire, SES,etc)
  • Investigations
  • Security officers
  • Educational facilities

On approval your account will be modified to allow a 10% discount on all items online and in our stores.

The process takes about 24 hours and to receive the 10% discount all you have to do is fax your ID to 07 3382 7498 showing you are in one of the above groups and you are requesting trade discount and a discount coupon will be issued to you.


The following people may apply for wholesale which will get a varied discount based on quantity and frequency of orders.

  • Security businesses
  • CCTV installers
  • Electronics re-sellers
  • Computer re-sellers
  • Electrical re-sellers

On application you will be notified how you can access your wholesale discount.

This process takes a little longer as we will check your ABN and ensure you are entitled to receive wholesale.

To apply for wholesale you must be a site member and then fax a copy of your business registration details along with your site membership details to us on 07 3382 7498 and we will contact you soon after.

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