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Lornet 36 Compact Non Linear Junction Detector Lornet 36 Non Linear Junction Detector
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Lornet 36 Compact Non Linear Junction Detector


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Lornet 36 Non Linear Junction Detector
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Exclusive nonlinear detector with the probing signal of 3600 mhz and the possibility of remote detection of semiconductor elements with a spatial target selection

Range of the probing signal and the antenna design enable you to perform during the scouting works remotely spatial selection of location of semiconductor elements

Remote analysis of suspicious objects for the presence of electronic components at a safe distance of 3-5 meters

Reliable detection of the sim-card at a distance of 1 meter

Indoor use - holding search works in areas with a high density of objects containing electronic components

On open terrain - the narrow beam of the antenna pattern at 16 degrees and the availability of laser illumination provide convenient search works on the area

Analysis of the nature of semiconductor - for efficient identification of artificial and natural semiconductors a listening through a built in speakerphone or headphones can be used after am decoding of the signal in continuous mode

Antijamming - Lornet is equipped with an automatic system of protection against centred jamming by criterion of a minimum noise in the receiver path of the 2nd harmonic

Control - user friendly interface and unified push-button control. It does not require pre-setting before the start

Indication - vivid and explicit indication of power levels of the signal and the received harmonic-waves

Environmental compliance - electromagnetic radiation towards the operator is many times less than one setted by the regulator

Power control - availability of the automatic and manual control modes for the levels of the 2nd or 3rd harmonic of probing signal power increases the convenience of search works

Headphones - tthe use of wireless headphones makes the work with the device more comfortable

Dimensions and weight - folding and convenient device, the weight is 1.5kg



  • r-t unit with a control knob
  • 2 removable (li-ion) rechargeable batteries (3.6v)
  • battery charging container
  • battery charging adaptor (220v)
  • wireless headset and receiver
  • ac adaptor for the receiving device (220v)
  • transportation bag
  • documentation (user manual, certificate)



Dimensions47х32х19 (32х32х22)cm
Pulse mode18W//112mW
Pulse mode with small duty cycle (CW)12W//600mW
The adjustment range of the probing signal power20dBm
Battery life at maximum power in a pulsed mode3,0h (1,5h)
The dynamic range of the receive path24dBm
Receiver sensitivity, not worse than-110dBm (-140dBmW)
The frequency of the probing signal in the range3600MHz +/-


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