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Inspection Cameras

Check things out yourself with your own inspection camera

There are many advantages to owning an inspection camera. They can save you a lot of time and most importantly, a lot of money.

Without an inspection camera to call your own, you need to hire professionals to come out and inspect whatever it is that seems to be dysfunctional. Paying by the hour for man hours and labour just isn't worth the hassle unless the problem is quickly found.

Some of the reasons you may need an inspection camera are:

    -  Detection of drainage related problems
    -  Finding lost items in dark or hard to get places
    -  Conserving water
    -  Inspecting cracks or structural damage
    -  Inspecting roof cavities

Whatever the reason you may need an inspection camera, they are just handy to have around, as they can potentially save you thousands of hard earned dollars.

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  1. Recordable Mini Inspection Camera

    The Recordable Mini Inspection Camera comes with a 3.5 inch colour screen and makes viewing those hard to get to spaces a breeze. Learn More


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