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WIFI Alarm Clock Camera with Bluetooth Speaker


Hidden camera in an alarm clock with WiFi, and online access via a mobile app. It supports a micro SD card up to 128GB, has motion detection, and night vision, and can be used non-stop with the power supply from the mains.

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WIFI Alarm Clock Camera with Bluetooth Speaker

The WIFI Alarm Clock Camera with Bluetooth Speaker discreetly hides a hidden camera, addressing concerns about leaving loved ones or pets unattended. In addition, this covert camera keeps you connected to your home, regardless of your location. Furthermore, its compact and inconspicuous design seamlessly integrates into any space, while offering all the features of a standard alarm clock.

Concealed beneath smoked glass, the discreetly positioned lens is accompanied by outstanding night vision, encompassing an 8-meter range and a wide 120° angle. Consequently, it can capture recordings in 2MP. Through the app, it is upscaled to 4K and sends motion detection notifications to your smartphone. You have the option to store recorded content on a microSD card (up to 128GB) or directly on your phone. Moreover, through Wi-Fi connectivity, you can conveniently monitor the camera’s live feed on your smartphone.

As for the alarm clock’s functionality, you can set the time and alarms just like with a conventional clock. The camera controls are discreetly located on the back, concealed beneath the battery cover. To establish a connection with your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi, download the “Camama” app, available for both Android from the Google Play Store and iOS from the App Store. This user-friendly app grants you access to live previews, recording, playback, and camera settings adjustment. Furthermore, it allows you to conveniently view recorded videos on your PC.

Adding to its versatility, this WIFI Alarm Clock Camera with Bluetooth Speaker also features Bluetooth connectivity. You can effortlessly use it as a wireless speaker to enjoy music from your phone or tablet. Connecting your device is straightforward, and you can manage volume and tracks through your mobile app. Notably, the Bluetooth range extends up to 15 meters. Moreover, you have the option to connect the alarm clock to a computer or TV through the AUX port to play audio through its built-in speaker.

Key Features: WIFI Alarm Clock Camera with Bluetooth Speaker

  • The hidden camera in the alarm clock detects movement up to a distance of 6 meters with adjustable sensitivity in 4 levels
  • Video recording in 2MP / the app upscales it to 4K
  • Invisible IR illuminator for night vision up to a distance of approx. 5-8 meters
  • Fully functional device for use as a classic alarm clock or digital clock

Specifications: WIFI Alarm Clock Camera with Bluetooth Speaker

Special features Image detection of movement, For long-term operation from el. networks, Motion alert, Object camouflage, Video + Audio, Scheduled recording, Time stamp, Stealth appearance
Night vision IR 940nm (invisible)
Means of communication Recording to own memory, WiFi for a local connection, WiFi for Internet connection, Mobile application
Distinction 4K (3840x2160px) upscaled
Battery life up to 6 hours
Working modes and location Long-term operation from electric networks, To the apartment, To the office
Power supply method from its own battery
Recording method Memory card, Mobile application
Application Camama
Maximum memory card capacity 128GB
Shot angle 120°
AND in the light Yes
Recording mode continuous recording / motion detection / according to time schedule
Number of FPS 30 FPS
Night vision Yes, within 5-8 meters
Loop recording Yes
Power supply from battery/electric supply
Photo Yes, using the mobile app
Audio + video Yes
Battery capacity 3000mAh
Weight 215g
Dimensions 12,2 x 5,5 x 4,2 cm

Package Contents:

  • WIFI Alarm Clock Camera with Bluetooth Speaker
  • battery (type 18650) – inside the device
  • USB power cable
  • AUX cable
  • user manual

User Manual:  Alarm Clock Camera with Bluetooth Speaker

Download Here

Weight 0.215 kg
Dimensions 12.2 × 5.5 × 4.2 cm


App Name(s)



Android, iOS


Indoor Only

Lens Angle

120 degrees

Frame Rate


Night Vision

8 meters


microSD memory card


Up to 128GB

Run Time

6 hours



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