Smanos DIY Home Security Alarm RFID Reader Plus 2 tags


The Smanos RFID reader will help you arm and disarm your alarm with ease.

Smanos RFID Reader Plus 2 tags

The Smanos wireless RFID Reader can be used to Arm/Disarm/Home Arm the K1 or K2 hub with a simple rotation of the silver ring and a swipe of a pre-authorised RFID Tag.

The silver round dial on the front turns left and right depending on whether you want to arm or disarm the K1 or K2 alarm system. There is a multi-coloured alarm status LED indicator to let you know if the alarm is armed or disarmed.

The RFID Reader is ideal for those without smartphone access to Arm/Disarm/Home Arm the K1/K2 system. A push notification of who Armed/Disarmed/Home Armed with a pre-authorised tag will be sent to end users with the SmartHome APP.

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