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Mini Pocket RF Bug And Camera Detector


A great little key ring style bug detector/camera detector with up to 2.4Ghz range and very easy to use.

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Mini Pocket RF Bug And Camera Detector

If you are after a go anywhere RF Bug And Camera Detector that will detect wireless hidden cameras and bugging equipment then you need to own this mini pocket bug detector and listening device unit. Peace of mind to check for bugging equipment, hidden cameras and listening devices is now cost effective.

These days listening devices and bugging equipment are easy and cheap to purchase that bug detection and hidden camera detectors are a standard tool that you should own. Ozspy has a great range of bug detectors from small compact bug detectors to state of the art bug and listening device products.

Detector Specifications And Features

  • Detects wireless cameras and bugs up to 10m
  • Detect RF bug and wireless camera signals up to 2.6GHZ
  • Multi channel fuzzy scanning

Uses For The Bug And Camera Detector

  • Detection of  Bugs
  • Detection of Wireless Cameras
  • Detection of most types of Listening Devices

Ideal For

  • Travellers who want to check accommodation rooms
  • Business owners who want to do a quick scan, although a higher quality model is recommended
  • Home owners who just want to do a quick sweep of an area

How to Use It

  1. Press A and hold it whilst scanning the room
  2. Press B and repeat scan

Unit will beep as it gets closer to any RF signal. If unit becomes unresponsive, check and replace batteries.

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 cm
Frequency Range

Up to 2.6Ghz


GPS Trackers, Listening Devices, Mobile Phones, WIFI Cameras

Detection Distance

Up to 10m

Download Manual Here

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