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Key Ring Phone and Camera Bug Detector


Another fantastic Bug Detector for locating listening devices, bugging equipment and hidden cameras.

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Key Ring Phone and Wireless Camera Detector

This compact entry level mobile phone, bug detector and wireless camera detector is a great start for you to start detecting any suspicious listening devices or any bugging equipment you may be worried about. Listening devices are now becoming common and easy to obtain so if you want peace of mind from listening devices, bugging equipment then this pocket sized bug detector and hidden wireless camera detector is a great start. If your looking for other bug detection and listening device detectors check out our great range of bug detection equipment. You can also attach this bug detector to your own mobile phone to help protect yourself against bluetooth hacking. If the bug detector indicates frequent activity on your phone when you are not making calls or sending messages, then someone may be attempting to illegally access your phone. With this handy bug detector your privacy will be protected wherever you go.

Specifications and Features of this Bug Detector

    • Uses fuzzy scanning technology to detect incoming and outgoing mobile phone activity.
    • Compact, state of the art design for a mini bug detector.
    • Requires no installation or professional knowledge to operate this compact bug detector.
    • Ultra bright LED indicates detection of active mobile/ wireless camera.
    • Perfect for anyone who wishes to protect their privacy in any situation.


This Keyring Phone and Wireless Camera Detector Is Ideal For

    • Detecting the Presence of Listening Devices
    • Detecting the Presence of Wireless hidden Cameras


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