Premium Mini 3G GPS Tracker with Audio and SOS with Free Live Tracking

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Premium Mini 3G GPS Tracker with Audio and SOS with Free Live Tracking GPS Tracking to track your valuables in real time for free using your mobile phone or PC via our fully featured online GPS tracking system or simply call this unit and hear what is really happening with the built in listening device.This is a great little versatile GPS tracker for anything from tracking vehicles to tracking assets.

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Premium Mini 3G GPS Tracker with Audio and SOS with Free Live Tracking

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of this fantastic little GPS tracking unit, as small as it is, it’s what’s inside that that will impress you and outperform the competition.

This GPS tracker uses software that we selected for Australia so you won’t have any hassles, and if that doesn’t make the GPT3G003 GPS Tracker stand out then the unlimited lifetime support you get will.

With 12 months replacement warranty, free live tracking via the web, free tracking via app, free setup, lifetime support and an optional extended warranty you simply can’t go wrong with the GPT3G003 GPS Tracker.

Compact size with internal antenna and battery the GPT3G003 GPS Tracker is ideal for any job from tracking a small item, a pet, a loved one to tracking fleet of vehicles.



SMS GPS Tracker – No Fees

Simply by calling the GPT3G003 GPS Tracker whenever you want to know where it is, the unit will text you back with its exact GPS location within a few seconds (depending on network). No costs above the SMS cost or login and watch logation live from your PC or mobile device. It’s that simple.

After calling the GPS tracker with your mobile phone, you will receive a time-and-date stamped text message from the GPT3G003 GPS Tracker with its coordinates, in longitude and latitude. If you have a web-connected Smartphone or PC you can watch in real time.

Other information in the text message from this GPS tracker includes the speed of the device, so you can monitor and keep a log of how fast your teen is driving in the car. It also informs you of how much battery life is left as well as the tracker’s current signal strength.

No subscription fees, no contracts – that’s right – NO contracts ever and unlimited service!


Free Live Tracking

Watch your device travel over a map/street directory in real time from any browser for free…

View sample of GPS tracking platform here.

GPS Tracking Platform:     Demo User: 123456, Password: 123456


Listening Device Mode

The GPT3G003 GPS Tracker listening mode allows you to switch the GPS tracker over to “Listening Device Mode” so you can hear what is happening in the vehicle or location of importance to you.

This does not require subscription, only call costs apply.


Automatic or Manual GPS Tracking

You can even set the GPT3G003 GPS Tracker to SMS you when it becomes mobile! So leave it in your car, briefcase, or anywhere else! If that item is stolen or moved for any reason the GPT3G003 GPS Tracker will sense the change in location and let you know via SMS. You can then track the item for retrieval.

You can also set a Geo-Fence so if the unit leaves that area you get notified. It’s as easy as that.


GPS Tracking Applications

With the size of the unit, rechargeable batteries, magnetic mounts and wiring harnesses you can just about track anything with the GPT3G003 GPS Tracker. Here are some examples.

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorbikes
  • Heavy machinery
  • Hire equipment
  • Tool boxes
  • These have even been used on pets


GPS Tracker Limitations

  • Unit is not waterproof, but it is weatherproof.
  • SPEED is shown in each gprs data, but it is not accurate if the driving speed is less than 50KM/H and not consistent for10 minutes at least.
  • Replies from the GPT3G003 rely on your mobile phone provider with some being slower with their response times than others.



GPS Tracker Battery Life

The battery on the GPT3G003 GPS Tracker lasts up to 7 days in standby mode, though actual battery performance depends on how frequently you call it to get status and location updates.

You can purchase a car charger or car wiring kit for the unit separately or tick the boxes above to purchase at a discounted rate with the unit.


Standard functions

  • Universal 2G GSM & 3G WCDMA frequency band
  • 5 independent geo-fence can be set and alarm by SMS or calling
  • Auto download & configure APN & GPRS, Also can be set by SMS
  • Outdoor GPS locate & indoor LBS locate
  • Multi-function mode can be controlled by SMS
  • Standby battery time 5-7 days (mode 1)
  • 5 minutes GPS locate battery time 2-3 days (mode 1)
  • 1 hours GPS locate battery time 7 days (mode 3)
  • Auto ON/OFF & locate can make battery working time over 1 month
  • Sleep time can be set to extend battery life (Auto Sleep)
  • Built in shock sensor to control GPS on off to improve battery life
  • Mobile phone GPSone (GSM Network Auxiliary Locate) for faster location
  • GSM and GPS antenna are embedded in the tracker
  • Device can be located by SMS or calling without server
  • Report location by SMS with Google map link without server
  • Report location by SMS with text description without server
  • Over Speed alarm can be worked without platform
  • Built in memory to record track without GSM network
  • Upload interval is 30-999 seconds can be controlled by user
  • Upload can be start or stop by user to sending SMS
  • Shock sensor can be used as car shock & movement alarm
  • Alarm information notice can be set by SMS or Calling
  • Listen to area around tracker
  • Call & talk to authorized phone number
  • Authorized phone can make a call to the tracker
  • 3 Authorized phone number can be set by SMS
  • Can send SOS or alarm information to authorized phone for emergency assistance
  • Auto send battery low information to authorized phone by SMS
  • The power can be connected to car battery or 12v for constant operation
  • Mini size & portable design can be used for personal tracking
  • Built in Nokia standard BL-5C rechargeable & Changeable Li battery
  • Tracker status can be checked by SMS
  • PC or mobile phone can be used to check location or live tracking
  • Uploading tracking can be controlled by shock sensor or timing
  • Open GPRS protocol to client for adding protocol to platform
  • GPRS protocol can be changed to work with client platform
  • Live tracking and history tracking
  • Platform supports iPhone & Android App locate / SMS locate
  • History tracking can be saved on server over 6-12 months
  • Life time free platform service charge (
  • Easy to use for tracking the children, kids, the aged, elders, pets, outdoor workers,  cars, traveler, explorer, outsiders, overlanders, moving equipment or objects, etc. “

Electronic Specifications

  • Normal Operation Temperature:    -20C to +55C
  • Restricted Operation Temperature:    -35C to +70C
  • Storage temperature:    -40C to +80C
  • GSM Frequency:    850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • WCDAM Frequency:    850(800)/900/1900/2100 MHz
  • GSM&WCDMA & GPS Antenna:    Built-in
  • GPS Channels:    32
  • Locate Accuracy:    10~20m
  • GPS Start Time (open sky):    Hot Start : 1 sec, Cold Start : 36sec
  • Standby Current:    2-5 mA
  • Tracking Current:    <150mA
  • Charge Voltage:    5V
  • Battery:    Li-ion 1000mAh (BL-5C

Primary Advantages

  • Universal 2G GSM & 3G WCDMA frequency band
  • 5 independent geo-fence can be set and alarm by SMS or calling
  • Auto download & configure APN & GPRS, Also can be set by SMS
  • Outdoor GPS locate & indoor LBS locate
  • Multi-working mode can be controlled by SMS
  • Only standby battery time 5-7 days (mode 1)
  • PC or mobile phone all can be used to check location or tracking
  • Platform support iPhone & Android App locate / SMS locate
  • Life time free platform service charge (

Package list

  • 1 Main unit , 1 USB Charging Cable
  •  Main Dimension: 78mm*48mm*18mm
  • Main weight: 65g
  • Package: color box
  • Package Dimension: 130mm*200mm*46mm    Weight: 0.33kg


GPS Tracker Setup

The setup is very simple for this item, please see download icon for manuals, cheat sheet and other related doc. If you are having issues with your system please ensure you check these settings first:

  • SIM has phone/text credit for SMS use and additional DATA credit for live polling.
  • SIM does not have a PIN
  • SIM does not have message bank
  • SIM does not have text to message feature


Additional information

Weight 0.5000 kg
Warranty Period

12 Months Standard Warranty

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  1. Atko

    Another great gps tracker from OzSpy, I purchased a couple of units, this one and the magnetic one, both are fantastic, the support is fantastic, very happy with my purchases.

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