Compact Camera Lens Detector And Bug Detector
Compact Camera Lens Detector and Bug Detector

Compact Camera Lens Detector and Bug Detector


Compact detector that can easily detect hidden cameras, recording devices, and wireless transmitter.

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Compact Camera Lens Detector And Bug Detector

Keep your home and office safe from covert listening Devices and Bugging devices. This Bug and Camera Detector can easily catch what the naked eye cannot see and detect, keeping your place free from wireless and wired bugs and hidden cameras.

This unit can detect a hidden camera from a distance of as little as 0.1m or an impossible 10m from the device. It uses 6 pulsing LEDs to expose the lens of a spy camera, listening device etc. Finding one is as easy as sweeping the area and looking through the Camera Detector’s lens viewer.

The bug detector is equipped with a built-in wireless RF detector that can detect wireless transmitters and Listening Devices. The unit emits an audible buzzer sound as well as flashing LED light to indicate signal strength of the bug or Listening device. Such a great compact bug detector, hidden camera detector that is priced well.

 Features Of The Camera And Bug Detector

  • Laser detection range is up to 10m
  • Will detect bugs and listening devices up to 6.5GHZ
  • Powered by 2 x AAA batteries sold separately
  • Detects, listening devices and bugging equipment


Why Use The Camera And Bug Detector

  • For Detection of Wired Camera Lenses
  • For Detection of Wireless Camera Signal and Lens
  • For Detection of RF Bug Frequencies



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