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Installed Home Security Systems

Home Security Camera Systems Installed 

Simple to use and effective security systems that will give you back your peace of mind

'Great value', 'easy to use' and 'an amazing picture' are terms now commonly used by OzSpy customers to describe our installed home security systems. Don’t risk buying counterfeit products or even genuine products from an inexperienced supplier. Electronic security is a highly legislated industry because it is full of rogues and even well intending people who simply do not know the technology.


OzSpy Security Solutions have been providing professionally installed home security systems since 1998 and have been at the forefront of home security technology ever since. We are fully licensed security professionals who specialise in security cameras, alarm systems and all forms of electronic security.


What makes our security systems better, apart from super clear recordings?


OzSpy Security System DVRs are Fanless and Silent

Fanless Silent Operation

Always ask for a fanless DVR for your security system allowing you to use it in your home or business without the constant drone of noisy fans. Many DVRs on the market have up to three fans and we are often called into remove other systems where people can't sleep or offices are constantly disrupted by noisy fans.


OzSpy Security Systems have easy to use software

Easy to Operate

OzSpy DVRs uses our simple retro style interface allowing users to easily understand the menu system, playback and retrieve footage, and generally operate the system without lengthy complicated user manuals. When choosing a DVR for your security camera system, always make sure the interface is simple and intuitive. Otherwise you may never learn how to use it.


Efficient low power consumption DVR ideal for remote and solar homes or businesses

Efficient Low Power Consumption

OzSpy DVRs use less than 15W without HDD, this equates to around $30 or so per year in electricity costs. Many competitors use over 40W which can cost you more like $130 per year in electricity consumption. We also use 12v DC so our systems can run in remote areas without 240v. By choosing OzSpy you can save up to and over $100 per year in power making our systems ideal for solar homes or the energy conscious.


Easy Remote Access via P2P cloud access for your Mobile Phone

Easy P2P Mobile Access

OzSpy DVRs come standard with easy P2P cloud based access system with a simple setup wizard. Whilst many other DVRs require you to modify your modem or firewall, leaving you vulnerable to cyber threats. OzSpy DVRs have a simple and secure easy P2P system that lets you add and remove devices easily, have multiple locations and cameras on your phone whilst keeping your home or business network safe.


Light Commercial Grade so your Security System will last and last

Light Commercial Grade

All OzSpy Security Cameras and DVRs are light commercial grade, we pay more for our systems to be built so they last and last. Almost every week we have customers from five years ago or more contacting us for upgrades and their original OzSpy security system is still working away with no issues. Don't buy a security system that is built to sell, buy a security system that is built to work.


Enjoy VIP Support with your OzSpy branded Security System

VIP Warranty & Support

All OzSpy branded security system customers are treated above and beyond, why, because our name is on the line. If your DVR has the OzSpy logo on the screen and your cameras have our logo, just mention that when asking for support or warranty claim and your request will be automatically escalated to top priority.



Why Us?

  • Quality – all our systems provide evidence grade recordings so you can be sure the police will accept it
  • Reliability – you know it works when you need it to
  • Ease of use – you don’t need to be a tech to watch your cameras
  • Compatibility – you can use our systems on Mac, PC, iPhone and android
  • Affordability – genuine products at great every day prices
  • Transparency – we show our pricing online so you know what you are paying for
  • Support - with stores accross Australia, there is always someone you can call





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Installed Home Security Systems



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