Watch your cameras from a local PC on your network

Virtually all DVRs, XVRs and NVRs can be accessed at your premises via any computer on the network using IE (internet explorer) To do this you must ensure your recorder is on the same network range as you other devices such as PCs.


In this article we will discuss our CNS range, however the same rules apply.


Firstly you will need to ensure your recorder is on the same network range, like


The OzSpy CNS DVR range is pre-set to If your modem is set to you simply open up your IE (Must be Internet Explorer) browser and type in and you will access the system. Just follow the prompts from the page and you will have access to your cameras and settings of the recorder.


For other recorders or for when your modem is on another range for example then you need to follow these steps.


Go into your recorders network settings and enable DHCP, save and reboot the recorder.


Scan your network for IP cameras and recorders with this page. -


You will soon see all the devices on your network and the scanner will suggest which one it thinks is the recorder.


Copy the link and paste into IE (Internet Explorer) and you will have access.


Simply follow the prompts after that and you will have access.


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