Video won't play or does not play correctly or video problems in general

Many times we hear from people who have issues with the video playback on their computers.


Luckily this is almost always easy to rectify in a few minutes.


Firstly you will need to download the video file to your computer. Playing it whilst the file is still stored on the device will cause freezing, stuttering and general video playback fail.


If you have moved your files across to your PC and you still have the issue there are two methods you can try.


1. Download VLC Player.VLC player is a medial player similar to windows media player but has a much wider range of files it can play.


2. Download the correct codec so media player understands the file you are trying to play. There are many sites that offer codec and some are dodgy. We use K-Lite Basic and it fixes the issues most of the time.


Remember always to scan your downloads with anti virus software before installing them.

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