FREEIP or BITVISION xvr dvr nvr app remote view fails or has issues

The OzSpy branded CLO range XVRs and NVRs use either the FREEIP or the BITVISION app depending on the age of your system, which can be downloaded from your app store. Generally speaking, the app rarely fails, however it is very dependent on your internet speeds at both ends (mobile and CCTV end) and it is also affected by mobile upgrades and home network.

The most common reason for failure is when people replace the modem, change internet provider or change the home network in some way that disrupts the connection from the XVR/NVR recorder to the internet.

The next most common fault is a damaged or slightly dislodged network cable.


Your internet connection speed at both ends can vary at different times of the day, for example after school finishes each day it will slow down as school children get home and use the internet. It will also slow down for a few hours after diner, say 6pm to 9pm as people use it more. Many times your remote access may seem unstable during these times simply due to the available data flow being restricted.


The symptom of lack of data/internet speed with your app is timing out, cannot connect and similar messages, or only one camera being able to show up, it may also cause your phone to temporarily freeze whilst it is trying to lock onto the data stream.


Many people who upgrade from old analogue systems to HD systems find that the old system streamed more fluently. This is because you are now streaming up to 45 x more data per camera.


When setting your app up, it is better to set up an account and add your CCTV system within that account, as when you use the local login it can sometimes cause issues. If you set it up at account level, you can then also access your cameras from any PC using IE (Internet Explorer Only) from this address.


During the course of owning your mobile phone it will quite often do software updates, these updates, although good for your phone can cause various apps including ours to fail or become unreliable or unstable. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app after upgrades.


You might also transfer app from an old phone to a new phone, this also can cause various apps including our apps to fail or become unreliable or unstable.


To ensure your app is functioning correctly follow the below process.

1. Ensure your CCTV system is added to your FREEIP or BITVISION account and not as a local login

2. Ensure you are in a good data area, if you have slow data or you are in an area with unstable mobile data your app will seem unstable as cameras use a lot of data.

3. Ensure your home/business internet access has not temporarily slowed down, is intermittent or you are not downloading/uploading. The same rule applied, if your internet connection is slow at the CCTV end, your app will appear unstable.

4. If your app starts playing up, uninstall it completely and install a new copy, as your CCTV system is at account level you won't lose anything.




1. Check your app is logged in

2. Check the cable between the recorder and modem

3. Check your home network has not changed and does not match the recorder

3. Check your internet speed at the mobile end

4. Check your internet speed at the CCTV end

5. Uninstall and reinstall the app after any upgrades

6. Make sure you are using the latest version of the app

7. If you are stuck with low data speeds, go into your DVR settings [Encode] [sub stream] and reduce all setting to the lowest and check again


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