OzSpy GPS Tracker not connecting with SIM and not responding

When setting up your tracker or any other device that takes a SIM card it is important that your ensure all of the below are done.


  1. Your tracker has data, put the SIM in a phone and go to YouTube and play a video, this will show you that you have data. many times Telco companies have not set it up correctly.
  2. Your tracker can receive calls, make calls, receive text messages and send messages. The same method as above, put the SIM in a phone, text and call people and see if you can get a response.
  3. Your message bank is OFF. Many times you will need to contact your tracker. Most trackers answer on a ring of five or more where most of the time message bank will have already answered causing your device to miss the call.
  4. Turn off voice to text for the same reasons as message bank.
  5. Turn off the PIN code on the SIM because the tracker will never be able to access it.


By self diagnosing the above for our trackers and almost all SIM related products you will most likely be able to resolve your problems quite easily.

The manuals are available on the tracker pages and if you have any further issues please use the side tab contact us and lodge a contact request (support ticket).

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