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Secret Safes

Diversion / hidden safes mostly all have hidden compartments and look like the real thing because they usually are.

There are many names for secret safes that are commonly used:

  • Hidden Safe
  • Diversion Safe
  • Fake Safe
  • Secret Safe
  • Can Safe
  • Key Safe
  • and the list goes on...


The key to successfully positioning your secret safe / hidden safe is to make sure you place it where it belongs.

For instance, it may look a little weird if you keep your candle safe in the fridge. It may look even stranger if you place your sprinkler key hider safe in your bookshelf.

Basically the average intruder will not even think to look twice if you have placed your book safe on the bookshelf, your can safe with all of your other cans and your sprinkler key hider safe outside half-buried in the lawn.

This is where the hidden safe excels over most other safes. It's more likely that intruders will look in drawers and under your bed to find your valuables as quickly as possible, then leave as quickly as possible.

So, if you follow the golden rules and keep your secret safe where it would normally belong, then the chances are it will never be detected by anybody.


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