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In this age of technology we find ourselves swamped with terminology like Lumens, Cre, LED, Halogen, rechargeable, dynamo, etc. In some strange twist of fate we are now expected to know these things when we buy what was in a the past, a humble torch.

To make things worse web based businesses seem to want to make this even more complex by the descriptions, here is an example of a torch description from another site “121 out the front (OTF) lumen max output - CREE XP-G Gen2 R5 LED”… Not sure the average person should ever need to know this…

But don’t despair, we know what all this means, and we will only sell torches that we feel represent great value for you and are considered to be up to date technology wise.

We have a torch for every occasion and every person, so if you are looking for a torch or spotlight for camping, hiking, hunting, law enforcement, security and military, give us a call or buy online now.


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